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1978 Volkswagen Westfalia Campmobile Microbus

1978 VW Camper 1 

Built by VW and converted by Westfailia Werks of Germany, these campers were available worldwide through dealers. Frequently they were delivered to tourists in Europe for cross-Europe treks and then delivered to the buyer's home anywhere in the world.

In 1972 the body was redesigned and the engine upgraded to what essentially was a Porsche flat 4-cylinder. In 1978 fuel injection became standard which perfected this drive train.

1978 VW Camper 40Our "Westi" is a factory steel roof unit which boasts a lower center of gravity than its pop–up siblings, but lacks the overhead sleeping. It is break-in miles from a completely apart, total restoration and rebuild of its original engine and 4-speed drivetrain. The Westfalia conversion was refinished with authentic plaid upholstery and the cabinets were refinished with a lighter than original Formica, which brightens up the interior.

This Westi comes complete with the optional chest refrigerator and 120VAC electrical hookup to make your camping more convenient. An optional porta-poti is not included but they are available. The optional side tent can be found too.

1978 VW Camper 13
As you will see from the video, this unit runs perfectly and is a joy to drive. Whether you want to go camping, show off at classic car shows, tour winding country roads, or commute daily this Westi is perfect for each occasion.

As you review the photos of the Westi note the red oval badge on the engine. This badge is rare and represents this unit's authenticity and Westfalia registry. It's a badge to display proudly.

1978 VW Camper 32We recently passed one on the highway as we returned home from an auction where several VW campers were sold. Some were truly original conversions. Others ranged from rolling wrecks to very nice drivers.
Not one equaled our Westi. Yet several sold for a lot more than we are asking for ours. Give us a call and let's see if our Westi will meet your needs and budget.

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