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Buyers Tools


Before you buy your next classic, you need to consider several things. The Bay City Motor Company provides these resources to help you enjoy buying and owning your classic car.

Independent Inspection

We have earned a reputation for delivering vehicles that are better than what our clients are expecting. Still, we want you to be 100 percent confident that the car you are purchasing is the classic you want. We encourage your pre-purchase inspection of any car you are seriously considering.
If you can’t see it with your own eyes, we recommend having an inspector see it for you.


Financing & Leasing

Often we have a client who elects to use his or her credit to optimize cash flow when the vehicle becomes available. Others take advantage of leasing opportunities. Use our Loan Calculator to assess your options.



hagertyMost companies will insure classic cars. A few companies specialize in insuring classics. These companies offer you “Agreed Value” insurance along with other benefits. What does “Agreed Value” mean? It means that your vehicle is insured for the value you and the insurer agree on. If there is a claim, you don’t have to argue about values, you are simply covered.


From our showroom to your collection. Most of our cars travel thousands of miles and many over seas to their new homes. We recommend using an enclosed carrier, but the choice is always yours. We can provide a quote for shipping your vehicle domestically or internationally, or you can select a company that meets your needs.

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