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Collector Tools

When you get your first classic car, you become a collector. The Bay City Motor Company provides resources to help you enjoy and enhance your collection. Thinking of starting or adding to your collection? We’d love to help. Contact us.

Consignments & Sales

We sell cars all over the world and are constantly looking for excellent vehicles we can buy or proudly represent. We inspect vehicles to ensure they meet our standards and those of our discerning collectors.

If we agree to represent your motorcar we'll also agree on written terms that meet both our needs and a reaonable buyer's expectations. 

Contact us for more details.

Hunting and Gathering

We are always looking for the next motorcar for ourselves and others. Beyond our "Current Offerings" we regularly assist those looking to acquire specific cars.

Our dedicated attention and efforts on your behalf are fee-based and negotiated on a case by case basis. 

Our casual search efforts on your behalf have no upfront costs.  We are compensated at your point of purchase per prior agreement.

Do you have different needs?  We'll work to meet those too.

Contact us for more information.

Resources, Counsel & Management

Our clients regularly open their collections to us, both sharing their treasures and seeking advice on how to reach their goals.

Clients use us for help determining which cars to keep, which to sell  and which to acquire; for maintenance processes to locating that rare part; for managing restorations to maximizing estate values.

Contact us to discuss your needs and discover how we can best serve you.

Chances Are We Can Help

With world-class resources and expertise in-house and available by speed dial, when you or your car need special attention, we can help ensure that everything from an oil change to a complete concours restoration is available to you and done beyond your highest expectations.

Contact us to talk about your needs.