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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's are generally about us; who we are and how we work. These answers may help:

• We are a people-first enterprise; focusing on your auto enthusiast needs.

• We are a retail and e-tail store that physically looks a feels like an inviting, comfortable hands-off museum. Browsing is welcome. Stop in.

• We're eclectic; broadly focusing on the cars we love; on pre-war to early '70's motorcars and newer exotics. But it's what you have or want that interests us most.

• Pricing: Since values can change rapidly we don't publish what we can't manage. PLUS, if a published price scares you away you'll never know if we have a half priced sibling in the wings or the perfect alternative motorcar for you.

• We do world-class restorations but we are not equipped to be a retail restoration shop.

• Being in Michigan we are geographically surrounded by some of the most amazing automotive talent on the planet. We're not shy about engaging those and other resources on your behalf.

• We're within 500 miles of over half the US and Canadian population and well connected for meeting your global needs including transport.

• We are not licensed to finance or lease our motorcars but we can guide you to those resources.

• We do not do walk-in retail appraisals. The kind of inspections we do take hours-to-days - not minutes-to-hours - and we're generally are not price-competitive. We can guide you to appraisers who are equipped for your needs.

• When we goof - and we have and will - we'll do our level best to make up for our mistake.

• Our pledge is to use our expertise, skills and resources to meet your classic motoring needs beyond your expectations.

That's us. We hope to meet you soon.