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“The Historian” 

Sales, Marketing and Project Managment


Scott co-founded The Bay City Motor Company in 2005. His career has included training, consulting, sales and dealership turnaround. His customer-focused approach serves TBCMC well in his current role of Sales and Marketing.

If there’s a solution to be found, Scott’s your guy.

“We’re perfectionists,” he says. “When the part’s not there, or a solution is not there, that’s when I dig in and solve it.”

You could say Scott was born into cars, as it runs in generations on both sides of his family. He decided he wanted to do his own thing for a while but got back into the automotive business when he realized he could not stay away from cars.

He originally wanted to run a car museum but says he couldn’t sustain a business doing that solely. His true love is the backstory that comes with each car, as well as the evolution of automobiles. He’s in his wheelhouse when a school group or driver’s ed class stops in for a history lesson.

Scott also serves as the photographer for many of the detail shots that let you see every nook and cranny of the automobiles that come through TBCMC. Precision and attention to detail are what put TBCMC ahead of the rest, he says.

“When you buy a car from The Bay City Motor Company, you can be sure it’s represented accurately. It is checked. It might be pricey, but that’s worth the lack of hassles, headaches and surprises,” he says. “You can be certain that we have done everything to ensure the car you are getting from us is as expected – or better!”

Scott’s favorite car is an E-Type Jaguar: “The Museum of Modern Art agrees it is gorgeous. It is also powerful and handles amazingly, and is purpose-built – perfection on wheels.”

Of the cars that have come through TBCMC, he counts among his favorites a 1911 wooden brass Buick, a pristine 1951 Triumph Renown and a 1938 Mercedes that once served as a Nazi staff car.

“Every car has a story,” he says.

When he’s not at work, Scott insists his mind is still on cars: “This IS my hobby.” But he also enjoys family time, camping and spending time with his two sons, usually racing them between karate, Boy Scouts and guitar lessons.